Negative interest rates sound like a joke. Who would ever lend money only to receive less in future repayment? That is absurd. However, interest rates in advanced economies have been trending lower ... ... lees verder

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… this deal. • Wall Street wins because Wall Street is myopic, and … these stocks shows that Wall Street believes Trump will win … Wall Street’s reaction and positioning. Do you remember that Wall Street … win? Do you remember Wall Street proclaimed that the stock … ... lees verder

Big-time investors, and the well-known Wall Street analysts whose views often times both reflect and influence those investors’ thinking, were very pleased that Boeing was taking the shortest, most ... ... lees verder

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President Trump on Friday announced a trade deal with China that he called “tremendous” or “tremendously” positive 15 times. The details look far more modest to us, but this truce in the trade war beats the alternative of escalating tariffs that have … ... lees verder

… set back efforts to police Wall Street and punish corporate fraud. Much … in 2010 by the Democrats’ Wall Street oversight law. Tips, and substantial … themselves than truly protecting investors.” Wall Street’s biggest trade group, the … ... lees verder

Oct 14 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories in the Wall Street Journal. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. - SoftBank Group Corp has prepared a ... ... lees verder