Asian stocks fell Friday after Wall Street gained for the first time in three days on stronger oil prices despite enduring uncertainty about how long ... ... lees verder

Gold inched down on Friday after rising 1.4% in the previous session as the U.S. dollar firmed, but record high weekly U.S. jobless claims filings kept a check on bullion's downside. ... lees verder

China is ready to move on from the coronavirus and get back to business as usual. "With the spread of COVID-19 under control, we should actively carry out the resumption of work and production," ... ... lees verder

Wall Street climbed to its first gain in three days after strengthening oil prices revived beaten-down energy stocks ... ... lees verder

As investors come to grips with the sobering economic reality of the pandemic and efforts to slow its spread, they're giving gold and silver stocks a closer look. Shares of Coeur Mining (NYSE:CDE) ... ... lees verder

Only automotive-related prime scrap prices are holding up, given the dearth in new production. For prime as for any raw materials today, sharp price cuts seem only avoidable through significant supply ... ... lees verder

Oil futures rally Thursday, sending U.S. prices up by nearly 25% as President Donald Trump tweeted that he expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to reach ... ... lees verder

I estimate that the Germans own 9000 tonnes in private gold-nearly as much gold as the French and Italians have combined. The World Gold Council (WGC) states there are roughly 198,000 tonnes of gold ... ... lees verder