Daily Pivots: (S1) 1.1280; (P) 1.1321; (R1) 1.1371; EUR/USD’s consolidation from 1.1215 is still in progress and intraday bias remains neutral. In case of stronger recovery, upside should be limited below 1.1499 resistance to bring fall resumption. On … ... lees verder

Ever since the dollar replaced gold at the center of the global financial system, many outside the U.S. have complained about “dollar hegemony,” and the “exorbitant privilege” conferred on the U.S. by ... ... lees verder

… Erdogan said would support the currency. Foreign currency had been widely used … to do deals in foreign currency and contacted the tourism ministry … ... lees verder

ISTANBUL, Nov 16 (Reuters) - Turkey has rolled back some restrictions on the use of foreign currencies that were brought in at the height of an economic crisis this year, according to a decree publish... ... lees verder

… , largely on a dip in currency assets, RBI data showed Friday … week ended November 9, foreign currency assets, a major part of … . Expressed in US dollars, foreign currency assets include the effect of … ... lees verder

Whether your company is a fledgling start-up or a rapidly-expanding SME, your organisation is likely exposed to currency risk. Even if you don’t have an overseas operation or sell directly to internat... ... lees verder

… seen an increase in local currency denominated EM debt issuance. … is very sensitive to currency moves, inflation moves and … geopolitical issues. Moreover, local currency EM debt is susceptible … reason why technically local currency EM debt should compensate … ... lees verder

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), the largest pension fund in the world, is now prepared to make hedges on a variety of currencies, the head of the fund said on Friday. At the Reuters ... ... lees verder