… zeros from Iran’s national currency has no effect on the … simplify the calculation of our currency and its comparison with other … only one zero from the currency, but when considering the possible … ... lees verder

Criminals are using stolen credit cards to buy Fortnite “V-bucks” then sell it “in-bulk” on the dark net to wash the proceeds- and the company doesn’t seem to be doing much about it, say cybersecurity ... ... lees verder

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The value of Iran’s national currency can be increased by strengthening local production, not by slashing four zeros from the currency, Iranian economy expert Akbar Abdulbari Mohammadi told ISNA ... ... lees verder

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BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina’s central bank bought $190 million in foreign exchange markets over the past week to weaken its peso currency, a radical change from just months ago when it was spen... ... lees verder

… 's" in-game currency, V Bucks, and required them … ... lees verder

EURUSD pair saw consolidative price action during yesterday’s trading session. Forex market across the globe saw relatively subdued price action yesterday owing to risk off investor sentiment. ... lees verder