… will begin once the new currency is introduced to the market … only be settled through the currency unit of the toman,” read … between the price of the currency in the unregulated market and … believe that redenomination of the currency in Iran will have a … ... lees verder

Is America about to wage a currency war? Politicians are jawboning about it. President Trump is tweeting at the Fed, complaining other central banks are devaluing currencies and suggesting the Fed ... ... lees verder

… with Facebook’s new digital currency, Libra. The Commission gave those … formal investigation into the digital currency. Individuals with knowledge of the … the questionnaire or the Libra currency. The Commission’s sudden interest … ... lees verder

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday warned against governments trying to weaken their currencies through monetary easing or market interventions, arguing in a blog post ... ... lees verder

… plan to create a digital currency called Libra. Maicoin wants to … with overseeing the blockchain-based currency and maintain a real-world … would intervene if the digital currency is found to be similar … ... lees verder

In a blog published Wednesday, IMF senior economists Gita Gopinath, Luis Cubeddu and Gustavo Adler warned that the recent surge in monetary easing from both advanced and emerging market economies has ... ... lees verder

… , rather than weakening its currency for the past few years … designation of China as a currency manipulator followed, with the … further to compensate for that currency decline," said Rajiv … are going up, the Chinese currency is under pressure, sliding … ... lees verder

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s president sent a bill to parliament Wednesday that would cut four zeroes from the value of the Islamic Republic’s sanctions-battered currency, the rial, as tensions remain high ... ... lees verder