Hitting the campaign trail in Florida, President Donald Trump seized on Joe Biden's comment that America should shift its reliance on oil toward renewable energy during Thursday night's debate to ... ... lees verder

The ship, though, remained behind, along with the 300,000 liters of diesel oil stored in its fuel tanks. An oil spill in the surrounding Nordaust-Svalbard nature reserve—home to walruses, polar bears, ... ... lees verder

These interactive 3D simulations of oil platforms and plants allow engineers to avoid toiling for weeks in the sweaty, close confines of a wind-battered rig, instead gaining virtual access from home. ... lees verder

Libya’s crude production will rise above 1 million barrels a day in the next four weeks after the nation reopened the last of its oil ports, according to the state energy firm. The National Oil Corp. ... lees verder

Joe Biden’s plan to move to a clean energy economy isn't new to those who've been paying attention: For months, he's promised to put the country on a path to be carbon-neutral by 2050. But Biden, ... ... lees verder

The oil and gas industry has come out in full force to defend itself after former Vice President Joe Biden said at Thursday evening’s presidential debate that he would “transition” away from oil. ... lees verder

After the candidate called for a “transition” away from oil and gas, executives said the country would need fossil fuels for decades to come. ... lees verder

Conservatives say Biden’s comments likely to lose support from Democratic supporters in oil-producing areas ... ... lees verder