Investing.com - The yen strengthened against the dollar in morning trade in Asia Tuesday after U.S. president Donald Trump raised the possibility of imposing new tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese goods. Investors are entering risk-off-mode as ... ... lees verder

Daily Pivots: (S1) 1.5500; (P) 1.5547; (R1) 1.5606; EUR/AUD’s rebound from 1.5271 resumed by breaking 1.5556 and reaches as high as 1.5648 so far. Intraday bias is back on the upside for further rally. At this point, we’re still viewing the rebound as … ... lees verder

COMMENTARY: The Xbox One, it must be said, is doing OK. Microsoft hasn’t released official sales numbers since 2014, but the generally accepted theory is that there are about 30 million Xbox Ones in circulation. In conjunction with the 59 million active ... ... lees verder

Pakistan’s central bank devalued the rupee for a third time since December amid a worsening economy and speculation the country will need support from the International Monetary Fund. The managed currency dropped 3.7 percent to close at 119.84 per dollar ... ... lees verder

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Of course, it’s throwing everything that's not from the “Person” into spam…so maybe it’s just seeking to learn my preferences.
Welcome to Paul Schrader's world where everything that is not tawdry generally divine.
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homepage, and then click "Mail" to see your new mailbox.

Microsoft Excel files, that are spreadsheets generally saved inside XLS format, may be shared by attaching the files to a contact through a provider like Yahoo.
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