Companies that provide construction services including architectural and engineering services contractors, civil engineering contractors, integrated contractors, manufactured buildings suppliers, recl... ... lees verder

Astute readers may have noticed that my columns end with various sources that I have relied upon in crafting a particular column. Citing sources helps promote transparency about the information used i... ... lees verder

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… level. The high pressure ash columns was observed to be gray … ... lees verder

On Nov. 1, 2016, you and I reconvened right here in The LaGrange Daily News, for the second time. For many of you, we have been carrying on this way since August of 1997, despite taking a break someti... ... lees verder

Exactly 70 years ago this month, an obscure little note on the philosophy of the cognitive and linguistic sciences appeared in a highly unlikely place. Looking back at it today, it seems a marvel to m... ... lees verder

Just as actors change costumes and makeup before hitting the stage, Gannon University's Schuster Theatre is getting a new look. Haley Figurski, the media, marketing and sales manager at Gannon, said t... ... lees verder

Artist Chip Clawson sees his sculptures as “a metaphysical space or ruins.” “What I encourage people to do is to make their own story. What was it? What is it? What could it be? “I hope to ... ... lees verder