Don Wand Glass Pleasure Plug Don Wand amazon.com $12.40 Nothing against butt plugs, but they're not exactly an item Amazon reviewers are rushing to review. So when you see one, like this little clear guy from Don Wand, with more than 100 enthusiastic … ... lees verder

Weight training isn't just for body builders. You've heard this before, right? Weight training burns calories, strengthens your heart, boost your mental well-being, and prevents injuries. It's also great as we age; even light weight training … ... lees verder

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The company will releaseMaria Maggenti's Sundance competitor Puccini ForBeginners in fall 2006. The screwball sex farce stars Gretchen Mol, Elizabeth Reaser, Julianne Nicholsonand Justin Kirk and was ... ... lees verder

Burns Funding has partnered with an aggregator of shelf corporations, entities that are no longer being used because their assets have typically been sold. LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2019 /⁨EINPresswire.com⁩/ -- Fresh off the … ... lees verder

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