Nigerians travel-ling overseas can now heave a sigh of relief following the release of new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) directives that make it much easier for people in this category to access foreign exchange for their travelling needs. A statement ... ... lees verder

Today's mining focuses in part on the emerging combinations of radiation and immunotherapy. In particular, breast and brain cancer are the focus here. Several of these studies are highly likely to be relevant in the next year as events develop. The 2018 ... ... lees verder

The price of oil on world markets dropped about 2% late last week on the news that Saudi Arabia and Russia may begin to increase production soon. Forbes contributor Ellen Wald describes the specifics right here. The price charts for oil tell us that, so ... ... lees verder

The Columbia Fire Department released its new strategic plan last week, indicating in the years ahead the department will need to expand to keep up with the city's growth. Assistant chief Brad Frazier said the department's most pressing need is for more ... ... lees verder

Kathmandu - A promotional stunt by an Irish tech company to bury $100,000 worth of a new cryptocurrency at Everest's summit has been linked to the death of a Sherpa guide, the company said on Saturday. Social networking startup Ask.fm has become … ... lees verder

… turned photographer understands rage against Wall Street Trump administration makes 15,000 … ... lees verder

Autodesk reported first-quarter revenue and non-GAAP earnings per share of $559.9 million and $0.06, respectively. These results were up from revenue of $485.7 million and a non-GAAP loss per share of $0.16 in the year-ago quarter. Autodesk's annualized ... ... lees verder

Numbers can often be strung together to tell a story. But when each number has a story of its own, it is best to let them do their own talking: a reading of how the economy may play out in the fifth year of the Narendra Modi government. Most governments … ... lees verder